Brief Program / 会议日程信息


For your earlier arrangment, please refer to the brief program (pending). Around at the end of Dec., we will send the final conference abstract to all registered participants.






  Jan. 6   10:00 am--16:00 pm   Conference Check in and Materials Collection
  Jan. 7   09:20 am--09:30 am   Opening Remarks by Conference Chair
  09:30 am--10:10 am   Keynote Speech I
  10:10 am--10:30 am   Coffee Break
  10:30 am--11:10 am   Keynote Speech II
  11:10 am--11:50 am   Keynote Speech III
  11:50 am--13:30 pm   Lunch Break
  13:30 pm--14:00 pm   Invited Speech I
  14:00 pm--14:30 pm   Invited Speech II
  14:30 pm--16:15 pm   Oral Presentation Parellel Session 1 & 2
  16:15 pm--16:30pm   Afternoon Break
  16:30 pm--18:00 pm   Oral Presentation Parellel session 3 & 4

  Jan. 8

  09:30 am--10:00 am   Invited Speech III
  10:00 am--10:30 pm   Invited Speech IV
  10:30 am--10:45 am   Morning Break
  10:45 am--12:15 pm   Oral Presentation Parellel Session 5 & 6
  12:15 pm--14:00 pm   lunch Break
  14:00 pm--16:00 pm   Best Presentation Awards and Closing Remarks



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